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Welcome to Speech By Tweet

Providing speeches that you can follow tweet by tweet via Twitter. Please contact us to find out how you can have your speeches automatically sent to your constituents and supporters via "SpeechByTweet".

SpeechByTweet examples are available for you to follow on twitter at:

Swoopmail is offering a free Speech By Tweet with every new user account. Each new user account has the ability to build and distribute their own speech material, product, or service information via Speech By Tweet or Train By Tweet. Please contact Swoopmail for additional information.

  • @Swoopmail All-In-One Business Email, Collaboration, and Software-As-A-Service provider.

  • Train By Tweet offers training material, manuals, and instructions delivered via tweet.

Train By Tweet offers customers the ability to send their own training material, manuals, books, etc via regularly scheduled tweets on an automated basis. Please contact Swoopmail for additional information.